El Santanero was founded with the principal of allowing small businesses, non-profit organizations, community partners, elected officials/candidates*—within the Santa Ana city limits—the opportunity to advertise their events, activities and/or business specials, or campaign ads for free. (*see section below)

Rules & Criteria

  1. Your business/entity cannot be corporate-style or franchised
  2. Your event/activity must be within Santa Ana city limits
  3. You must be advertising an event, activity, or small business special that would help or attract foot traffic with the understanding that you meet rules #1 and #2.


  • No false adverts/unapproved activity(s) (event must be legal, or given permission or hold a permit)
  • No ads that involve the collection of money/monies (GoFundMe, etc.)
  • Ad is desired to be helping or benefiting the community(s) or a small business in Santa Ana
  • No bribery
  • No public notices (that's a different link)
  • No submissions targeting anyone or group based on their:
    • Race
    • Gender
    • Identity
    • Sexual orientation
    • Disability(s)
    • Any status
    • Basically anything that could be a hate crime

Advertisements by Government Officials or Election Candidates*

If you are a current product of a government agency or municipal government one (elected or otherwise) or officially running for a position—who represents part of or all of Santa Ana—you must answer the additional questions on the ES-300 form.

The reason for additional questions is to ensure that when any sort of political advertisement is published, the publisher has a record of who "purchased" a spot to do so, in case of any request from any other agency requesting access to the private information. We would notify the person(s) or agency(s) first before sending information outside of our jurisdiction.

For those applying to advertise under this category are NOT subject to free design for their advertisement(s). Ads under this category are free for sizes 1/16th to 1/4 size (excluding FunFold) in order to maintain the newspaper's no-buyout policy. Only after submitting form ES-100 and receiving a confirmation email from us, should image(s) should be sent via email to Advertising Director Daniel Diaz (ddiaz@projects.zebuck.com).

Any form submissions with missing information will be denied. No email will be sent to notify that we denied your application for advertising.

When sending your image(s), please ensure that you have:

  • Who the advertisement was approved by or the campaign is was approved by.
  • What the campaign's FPPC or LIC number is.
  • That all criteria is met under OFFICIAL RULES at the top of this page.

Advertisements with Dissuadement

If your advertisement is going to "attack" another candidate in order to dissuade voters from electing another candidate, you must present evidence to the Advertising Director before any advertisement is approved and published. This includes any videos, images, audio recordings, newsprint clippings, transcripts, emails, etc., that were legally accessed. Any information sent to us that cannot be confirmed will result in your advertisement request being rejected. If this information cannot be accessed publicly, the Advertising Director will automatically deny the request to advertise.

Where will my advertisement appear?

Advertisements will appears based on the space allotted after article production is complete. If an advertisement has a date or time that is approaching first, that advertisement will most likely appear first on the physical newspaper and e-newspaper. Sizes vary.

No ads will appear on our website.

Note: Election/campaign ads will not appear on the front page or last page.

What’s the cost?

It is free so as long as you meet the criteria up above.