SANTA ANA, Calif. — El Santanero has made it debute online at The long time work-in-progress has finally made it to the web. A first print edition is awaiting April 20th.

For the better part of 2022, co-founders Daniel Estrada and Lucy Gonzalez partnered to create an online news platform that specifically focuses on issues, business, and happening that occur in our city.

It all began last April, when Daniel and Lucy talked about the distant relationship residents have with city council meetings. How little voice their opinions or show up for that matter.

After attending several meetings, consistently for a few months, Daniel said to Lucy “Since we’re already here every meeting, why don’t we write about it and post it somewhere?” Lucy replied “Yes!”

Daniel got to work on creating a blog website and adding details and whatnot. The only thing in his way was a name, a logo, and a mission statement.

As of recent, a demonym has been floating around the city and labeled Santa Ana residents and natives as “Santaneros.” It does come with mixed reviews, including a rejection by Mayor Valerie Amezcua.

The Spanish language is built upon a strict gender dialect and a recent push by younger generations are making headlines by removing the letters “A” and “O” from pronouns and replacing it with an “X.” Upon receiving recommendations from Spanish tutors and teachers, Daniel chose to keep the "O".

The decision was made on April 20, 2022 to found the newspaper as El Santanero, with English presence as The Santanero newspaper.

In the months since then, Daniel and Lucy have slowly picked up the pieces to establish the paper.

Daniel recently covered the 2022 midterm elections, the George Floyd protest in 2020, and the OCTA bus strike, while Lucy has reported on city council rushing to approve police using military technology for protests.

In the coming days, the paper will announce new ways for the community to get involved, help its neighbors and how the paper will cover local politics and events.