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When is the next election in Santa Ana?

The next election will be the 2024 General Election on November 5, 2024.

When do I vote for Mayor or the President?

Under the City of Santa Ana Charter, voters will check a box for mayor every two years. Voters however will only vote for President every four years. This November, both offices will be on the ballot.

Who is running for office?

As of May 2024, Mayor Valerie Amezcua is the only candidate that is visibly running a reelection campaign via social media and by campaign events. However, The Santanero reviewed the City's camping filing website and found six potential candidates as listed below:

  • Valerie Amezcua (Amended 460), Mayor
  • Thai Viet Phan (Amended 460), Ward 1
  • Jeffery Katz (Filed 501), Ward 3
  • Jessie Lopez (Amended 460), Ward 3
  • Mario Alvarado (Filed 501), Ward 5
  • Johnathan Ryan Hernandez (Amended 460), Ward 5

It is expected, by this summer (around July 15-August 19), for more names to enter the races for councilmembers and mayor.

Who represents me? Contact them!

For finding your councilmember representative, click here. Remember that ward maps changed in 2022.

The Mayor of Santa Ana is Valerie Amezcua and can be contacted here, as well as other city councilmembers.

To find your SAUSD board trustee representative, click here. If you’re unsure if you reside in SAUSD jurisdiction, click here to find out.

County board district two representative for Santa Ana is Vicente Sarmiento.

As for state representatives in Sacramento, Santa Ana’s Assemblymember is Avelino Valencia (D-68) and Senator is Tom Umberg (D-34).

Santa Ana’s representatives in Washington D.C. are Congressman Lou Correa (D-68) and U.S. Senators Alex Padilla (D) and Laphonza R. Butler (D).

The President of the United States is Joesph R. Biden (D) with Vice President being Kamala Harris (D).

How can I vote?

If you’re 16, you can pre-register to vote once you’re 18 during an election. If you’re 18 or older already and would like to register, click here.

In Orange County, you can vote by mail, ballot dropoff at a polling place or dropbox, or in-person. Guides and information is mailed to the address put your voter registration.

Why doesn’t The Santanero endorse?

We believe in being an independent newspaper and that means to be separate from government while covering their politics. Our endorsement policy can be read here.