SAPD to close lanes in major street arteries on Easter to deter cruisers
Car show at the Chicano Heritage Festival in Santa Ana, held August 27, 2023 at El Salvador Park. (Daniel Diaz/El Santanero)

Santa Ana Police will be out in full force this Easter Sunday, again, to stop “unpermitted events” from occurring along roads culturally and historically known for cruising.

“In years past, the City of Santa Ana has contended with large crowds, congested roadways, criminal activity, and quality of life issues that affect our residents, businesses, and visitors,” said Santa Ana Police in a Nixle alert on Friday.

Police plan to close lanes or streets entirely along all of Bristol, Main, and Harbor streets, and Edinger between Main to Raitt starting Sunday evening well into the late hours.

The ban on cruising was lifted in Oct. 2023 after Gov. Newsom signed AB 436, which prohibits local governments from enacting or enforcing anti-cruising ordinances and police cannot cite drivers for cruising.

This Easter, meteorologists at the National Weather Service in San Diego call for rain.

Californians and rain have a healthy relationship, but California drivers—some uninsured or not fully covered—and rain, do not correlate.

It is enough to deter even the most careful rideshare drivers away from the streets.

Despite the forecast, SAPD is going ahead to close four major street arteries in the city to ensure the quality of life is kept in check.

“It is going to be pouring rain, I don’t think there’s gonna be crowd gatherings,” said a commenter on the Santa Ana Police Instagram post.

Most Santaneros plan to stay in and enjoy their Easter traditions like egg-hunts indoors.

“It doesn’t make sense for them to use all this taxpayer money for them to close the streets, on a rainy day, so they can stop a few chromed cars, no one’s coming out anyway,” said Clarissa, 26 year resident of Santa Ana. “Then all the cops gonna get sick and call out then who’s gonna come to help us? Waste of time, waste of our money, waste of resources. So then one of the POA bootlickers can say ‘We need more cops’? Don’t send them out in the rain then! And make sure you get all this in the quote.”

The Easter forecast: wet, windy, and trafficy.