OCTA will add trip to 150 route during the morning rush
Photo by Mitchell Johnson / Unsplash

This is an update to an opinion piece written by Daniel Diaz, a 150 bus route daily commuter (and El Santanero’s community reporter), published late last year.

After numerous attempts by residents calling on OCTA to add a route to the morning rush of the 150, I reached out in late fall and OCTA replied they “lack resources.”

I then emailed Santa Ana Mayor Valerie Amezcua (who also recently announced her new position representing Orange County Supervisor Vicente Sarmiento on the OCTA Board of Supervisors). She relayed my concerns to city staff and by extension OCTA.

Within a few weeks, OCTA sent out an email to me.

“Ridership data shows that trips on Route 150 between 7 a.m. and 8 a.m. are experiencing high passenger loads. OCTA plans to add a trip to address this high demand after the holidays when students return to school,” said OCTA in a Jan. 3 email.

In my opinion, I asked that OCTA work in collaboration with the city and school district to come to terms on a solution. It appears OCTA has, just in time for when students come back from winter break.

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