Statement on the City of Santa Ana's media policies
Santa Ana City Hall / Daniel Diaz, El Santanero

Our emailed statement to Interim City Manager Thomas R. Hatch can be found here.

Our social media statement is as follows:

“El Santanero acknowledges the city’s regulations regarding media access to public meetings. We believe that these rules might conflict with state and federal laws that safeguard press freedom. It is important to remember that elected officials, by the nature of their roles, are subject to media scrutiny. Restricting media access or confining journalists to designated areas can be seen as a departure from best practices in transparent governance. While we understand the importance of safety in public spaces, we suggest that the city consults with the Fire Marshal, City Attorney and related staff to find solutions that do not compromise the rights of journalists and the public. The ability to operate under media scrutiny is a fundamental aspect of public service. Elected officials should be prepared to engage constructively with the press, recognizing its essential role in a democratic society.”Daniel Diaz, Co-Founder of El Santanero (Social Media Statement pub. 12/23/2023

The official City media meeting policy can be found here.